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Blog: Holiday Traffic at genealogy sites down

The traffic maps for the top 3 and top 8 genealogy sites documents the steep decline in traffic over the Thanksgiving holiday week. This could be expected because of the hustle and bustle of the holiday: transportation, traffic, shopping, cooking, eating, etc.

This does conflict with the additional discussion of family and family history that occurs over the Thanksgiving Day meal. These discussions trigger the desire to look up family history details.

Additionally, looking at the major holidays this year, there is a steep decline on other holidays such as July 4th. These holidays can provide extra time off and possibly extra time to do online family history research. But the traffic indicates that declines occur on holidays.

I will be watching the traffic for the upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holidays to see if they follow this trend.

There is a slight anomaly with some of the international sites such as and These sites have more international traffic and aren't as affected by U.S. holidays/

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