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New Category "Top 9 - All Genealogy/Family History" sites

After a discussion with my a long time friend Shelly Dardashti, I have added a new section named "Top 9 - All Genealogy/Family History" that includes the top 9 of all Genealogy or Family History web sites.

Her concern was that their may be comfusion by some site visitors. The web sites were broken into different sessions based on the location of the company that created the site or the site's target market.

She makes the valid point that everything on the internet is "completely international" and there needs to be a way to clearly identify the top sites no matter where they are located.

The new "Top 9 - All Geanalogy/Family History" section ranks the top 9 sites in a 3 x 3 row of rankings. Otherwise, I would have done the top 10.

I still include the top sites by location or target market. This helps to identify the top sites in spectific target markets that would not have otherwise made a top site ranking.

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