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One of the activities that I enjoyed most when I was president of FamilyLink/WorldVitalRecords was tracking the genealogy industry metrics. Each day I would track how our web sites were performing compared to the other most popular genealogy sites.

And since I have left my involvement at FamilyLink/WorldVitalRecords I have still followed the genealogy sites and products very closely. I have found the various industry tracking tools provide insight into what is going on with the various sites and products.

I put together a web site that tracks the traffic and sales of genealogy and family history products and web sites. I used some of the same tools that I used when I was at FamilyLink/WorldVitalRecords.

I think that this should provide valuable industry tools for managers, advertisers, and users of these sites. By stepping back and looking at the industry as a whole allows for discussion that has not occurred before.

Please look at the site and see how your favorite sites and products are performing. The site also allows for discussion, of these products and sites as well.

There is a bug in the sorting of the Top Product sales on Amazon that I have not been able to resolve yet. There is a list of the top products by sales, but they are not in sorted order.

I invite you to join and participate on this genealogy industry tool.

David Lifferth

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